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Let's ZÄP
the world a safer place!


Let's make the world a safer place!

ZÄP is a tech company developing hand hygiene solutions from 2018.

We offer remote controlled full-services, allowing our clients to take care of their core businesses. We take care of the rest!!

We have been trusted by companies, shopping malls, educational institutions and many other organizations.



Our customers in Estonia use a total of almost 1000 ZÄP stations.


Why choose ZÄP hand hygiene?

Our mission is to reduce the economic damage caused by infectious diseases and provide more fullest days.

Importance of hygiene

It is known that 80% of germs are spreading via contaminated hands, Our study show'd that 56% of population does not wash their hands before having a meal.


Annual damage caused by infectious diseases is equal to an average monthly wage per every employee. It is easy and affordable to reduce this with ZÄP's innovative hand hygiene technologies.


Our diverse product range offers full-service hand hygiene solutions for every type of organisation and public venue. You can choose from various different hand sanitizers and models of touch-free devices.

Smart technology

ZÄP solution is based on a smart system, enabling nonstop work by exchanging data with our maintenance platform. It enables us to predict a station's downtime, collect its usage data and smooth the station's service schedule This makes the ZÄP a smart device.


Which ZÄP service is the most suitable for me?

If you do not have the time or opportunity to monitor the continuous operation of hand cleaning stations and it is important for you to focus on your core business, ZÄP SMART full service is meant just for you. This is made possible by the remotely managable ZÄP SMART hand cleaning stations, which let Zäpmän know should the need for a refill or technical inspection arise.

ZÄP SMART differs from the previous service package in that you refill the stations yourself – Zäpmän provides you with antiseptics and power supplies automatically.

If you do not consider smart self-diagnostic stations necessary, because your device usage is quite little, the ZÄP BASIC service may be suitable for you. In this case, Zäpmän will take care of your antiseptic supplies and the condition of the station according to the notification calls.

Why buying a dispenser yourself might not be the best solution?
Because then no one will take care of your station, should it break down and also – you won’t have a comfortable supply of environmentally friendly refill bottles. Choosing a hihg-quality antiseptic requires special knowledge and finding a reasonable solution by yourself is time consuming.


Hand hygiene automated and interactive training with robot

Hand hygiene is not boring!
The personal training is interactive and useful. We will test the knowledge acquired with the analysis of the ZÄP training robot, which identifies the actual degree of your hand rubbing technique!


ZÄP hand hygiene stations

premium station

floor station

wall station

desk station

antiseptic dispenser

liquid soap dispenser

spray dispenser

foam dispenser

Order a personalized hand cleaning station!

Contact us and ask for a personalized design inspired by your brand.
Both floor- and wall mounted stations can be personalized.


ZÄP station antiseptics and liquid soap


  • High quality – suitable for sensitive skin, allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • Environmentally friendly – packaged in an environmentally friendly reusable and recycable bottle
  • Convenient and safe refilling – pre-filled bottles free the user from refilling on-site
  • Free and fast delivery

Within device ZÄP hand hygiene stations use deposite recycled refillable 1100ml bottles. Zäpmen take care of recycle and maintenance of bottles. 


Choose a suitable service package


Compare service packages

PRO service
dispenser rent
purchase of a
standard dispenser
wireless and touch-free stations
changing the refill bottles in the stations
zäpman will refill
the client will refill
the client will refill
the client will refill
bringing supplies to the site
not necessary
upon a call
upon a call
technical maintenance of stations
upon a call
upon a call
environmentally friendy circular packaging cycle
automatic low power notification
automatic low liquid level notification
visibility and a high rate usage
1 free refill bottle per station/per month


We are at your service!

Our team is made of experts being passionate about what we do.

Contact us and let’s make the world a safer place – together!

kristjan arunurm

Kristjan Arunurm

Marketing and sales manager

inge kaseleht

Inge Kaseleht

Financial manager

margus ploom

Margus Ploom

Technical manager

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Mark-Emil Talivere

Key account manager